Emergency Response Guide Book

"The best way to react for Emergeny Incidents and prevent from them in your factory"

Respond to an Emergency effectively and immediately

Collects all the information of your emergency incidents and retrieves them very quickly with browse and search functions. Instructions, inform lists with contact details, symptoms, first aids, seek immediate helps and useful information for each incidents.
Connect from anywhrer to your ERG and get instructions immediately.


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Health and Safety incidents and Environmental incidents

Now you can access two types of incidents in an emergency. Everyone will be awareness of any incidents that can be occurring in your organization. They will do the right thing always with one pre-defined instructions and information systems. Quick search for any type of incidents will provide you the most quick way to get instructions and information about an incident. Now you can organize your own database for your own incidents with your own instructions.


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Emergency telephones, contact details and personal details are at one place

ERG provides you to manage your own Emergency contact details in your organization or general. Also it provides you to store your employees important personal details to retrieve them immediately when an accident occurred. This provides you a valuable aid to save your time once an incident occurred.


Imergency TP Numbers



Report incidents and Prevent from incidents with audits

You can record all the incidents that has happen in ERG. It will be very useful to get a good knowledge about preventing from previous incidents. Also ERG Provides you AUDIT Management system to look after the incidents before it happens. Using ERG will always provide you a health and safety environment in your organization.



30 days evaluation period with fully functional eCommittee

You can try out our ERG powerful online applications with your real time work. You can test the effectiveness of ERG freely. Just start registering with ERG and manage your own data. You many get unlimited number of incidents, unlimited number of contact details, reportings and etc for 30 day evaluation period. After 30-day trial period you can dicide the importancy of ERG and contnue using it. You will never loose any of your stored data even your trial peridon ends.